Which language is best for blogging? (16 Questions Answered!)

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There are more than 7000 languages around the world that people use as a medium of expression. In a particular country, people use more than one language.

Among all these languages Google supports only 100 languages.

As a blogger are you confused to choose the language?

Which language is best for blogging?

English is the best language for blogging because it is the most used language around the world. Not only do more than 28% of people speak in English but 56% of English content is consumed on the internet.

Internet Users by Language Available Content by Language Worldwide
Internet Users by Language, Available Content by Language Worldwide (Source)

While choosing a language for blogging preferred language of readers should be considered. Let’s understand it with a real-life example. A job posting site that publishes the latest government job vacancies of the West Bengal government should be in the Bengali language not in Hindi.

Now if the readers of this website are from all over India then the language should be the most used language which is either English or Hindi.

Which language is best for blogging in India?

In India, 41 percent of people use Hindi as their preferred language. Hindi is the best local language for blogging in India. However, English is also may be considered. Those who don’t know Hindi use English as their second language.

If you are targeting people of a specific region then languages like Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil also may be considered.

Language Distribution in India
Language Distribution in India (Source)

What is the higher-demanding language found in blogging?

Demand is created by people and the majority of people use English as their preferred language. This may be seen in the second chart that 58% of available content is in English. The English language is the most demanding language in English.

higher demanding language
Higher Demanding Language

If you search the same term in English and Hindi, you could notice the difference in Google trends. From there we get the clear idea that most people are using English in India to search on Google.

Still, confused about language selection?

How to choose the best language for my blog?

Choosing the right language for the blog is one of the decisive factors of success. The language that you choose should be acceptable to your target audience. English is the best language to target a worldwide audience and either English or Hindi for India.

While choosing a language for a blog three factors to be considered

1. Target audience is one of the major factors in choosing the language. The blog is consumed by the audience, they should be satisfied first.

For example, if someone starts food blogging on Bengali cuisine then the target audience will accept Bengali, not Hindi.

2. Google support is also one of the factors in choosing a language for the blog.

Google Supported Language
Google Supported Language (Source)

For example, if someone is planning to start the same food blogging on Nepali cuisine then the target audience will accept Nepali, but the Nepali language is not supported by Google. Therefore the Nepali language will not give the result here.

3. Your writing ability is also one of the key factors in language selection.

For example, again the same example of a food blog on Bengali cuisine. As a beginner, your budget might be an issue. To manage this you should have writing ability in the Bengali language. If budget is not an issue for you then you could hire a freelance writer who could write for you. In that case, if you don’t have proficiency in that language then how you could check the quality of the article submitted by the writer?

Which language should I learn to write a blog?

What language do I need to know to write a blog?

If the target audience of any blog is worldwide then English is a reasonable choice. For a blog whose target audience belongs to a specific country or ethnicity then their preferred language should be your choice.

Most Spoken Languages
Most Spoken Languages (Source)

Above all choose the language which is the most convenient for you to express your feelings. The language of the blog should be engaging this will increase the average time. This signals to Google how the audience is reacting to your blog. The more the average time more traffic you will gain.

How to check if the language in my blog is correct?

Among the hundreds of available language checker tools, Grammarly is the best. Grammarly supports grammar, spelling, and sentence formation correction in the English language only, this is its limitation. To use install it on your PC.

Suggestions by Grammarly
Suggestions by Grammarly

As you write a blog in your Gutenberg editor Grammarly will give you suggestions. For best results use the premium version.

If your blog is not in English then you may find other available language checker tools. Some are free and others are freemium. Avoid the free ones, they may steal your content.

Manual reading is also the best Idea to get suggestions on your blog. You could share your blog with a friend who could read it and suggest if any changes are required. It will take time and effort from your friend.

Are you planning a blog in a regional language?

How to write a blog in a regional language?

Each type of blog has a common outline. Check out at least the top 20 Google search results of your topic. You will get an idea of common outlines. Make your outlines and express your thoughts around the topic in a regional language and you are done.

Outline of a blog
Outline of a blog

A classical blog consists of a title, headings (H1, H2, H3), table of contents, and FAQs. Prepare your outline around these.

Find the search queries that people are searching on Google. Make these your headings. Find questions on websites like Quora or Reddit, and add them as headings or FAQs. Check Google question hub where you can find unanswered questions on your topic.

Hindi Blog with English Heading
Hindi Blog with English Heading

For the regional language blog, you will find fewer headings and questions on Google. Here you can use English headings and questions in braces. I follow this and the results are awesome.

Add preferred language
Add preferred language

For typing, I use a voice typing assistant. Configure it on your pc.

In which language does a blog earn well?

English language blogs have a better probability to earn well. It always depends on the target audience and their preferred language. You will earn more as much as your reader like to read your blog.

Blogs in any niche or micro niche can earn well depending on their source of revenue.

For example, If A promotes a high price product through a micro niche blog and B uses advertisements like google Adsense in a niche blog with higher traffic, both can earn the same. A can earn much higher with less effort compared to B.

Earning through a blog depends on the source of revenue and traffic, traffic depends on the target audience with the preferred language. So the selection of the right language is the key here.

Is it worth having a multilingual blog?

Do I need to post articles in different languages on my blog?

It is not necessary to post articles in different languages. It may cost you much higher and is time-consuming too. Google only shows results in regional languages. Let google make it available for all.

If your blog is in English, your audience preferred language is Hindi and Google doesn’t have any relevant results in Hindi then your blog will be translated and shown to the reader.

Language Change
Language Change (Source)

Never use google translator to translate your original blog content into any other language. It may change the intent and the tone of the content will sound like a machine. No one will be interested to read that.

A separate blog for different languages?

Should I make two blogs for other languages?

If cost and time are not an issue then you may consider a multilingual blog. For different languages, a separate blog is not a good idea. Let it be a single web address with language selection. It will help to boost your domain authority.

WordPress CMS

WordPress and other CMS can easily manage your multilingual pages and posts. If you keep a single web address then more audience will visit a single address, and for different web address audience will be distributed. A higher audience means higher revenue and ranking.

For a single blog, it will take minimum time to manage, and minimum resources to run. Both these factors are significant for running costs. You may consider the GeneratePress theme and Hostinger for your blog.

How about the blog in Hindi?

Is this a good idea to start a blog in the Hindi language?

Blogging in Hindi is a good idea, where your target audience is mostly Hindi-speaking people. Here competition will be less than in English language blogs but keyword research will be more difficult for you.

Once you learn the right way to write titles, headings, and keywords in Hindi, it will be a lot easier. I have a Hindi blog and getting good traffic there. Since Hindi is my mother tongue it is a lot easier to write in Hindi compared to English.

Each opportunity has its challenges. If you need success grab the opportunity and overcome the challenges.

Still, confused about English or your native language?

Should I write my blog in English or my native tongue?

Writing a blog in my native tongue is a lot easier and indexed quickly. If English is not your native tongue then it will be slightly more difficult compared to your native tongue. English blogs can get a higher audience than native.

From my several years of experience, I can suggest you try both on two different blogs. Take it as an experiment and as you get the result stick with it. The result may come late in blogging, maybe in years. Keep patience and consistency.

There is no definite answer about the selection of language in the blog. It is a fact of market research and writing ability.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

I know, even with the above information, there are still some doubts in your mind regarding language selection.

I can’t promise that I could clear all your doubts but I have some answers to some frequently asked questions about language selection.

Q. Can we write blogs in the Odia language?

You can write blogs in Odia language but Google AdSense doesn’t support this language. In this case, the source of revenue is only affiliating. Many websites get much higher income from affiliates compared to Google Adsense.

In some of my blogs, I use only affiliates, which give me good returns.

The only thing that matters is your acceptance of the targeted audience. If you could satisfy them through a blog then you be successful.

Q. What happens if I change my blog language after some time?

Changing the language of a blog could affect the ranking of the article. If you have decided to change the language then write new articles with new URLs. Keep the old articles as it is if they are indexed and raked.

If old articles are no longer required then you can sacrifice them with 301 redirects. It will pass the link juice to your main domain.

Q. Which is the best and most genuine website for learning blogging in the Hindi language?

See nothing is genuine in search engine optimization. Google never discloses how it ranks a blog. All the content available is based on test and trial methods.

To learn you can follow some of the blogs like Deepawali SEO Tips. Follow the best practices in your blog and check the results. One particular path may not suit all in the field of blogging. So you have to create your success formula.

Q. What will happen if I write Indian culture blogs in the Japanese language?

It will be only for the Japanese who want to know about Indian culture. If you are targeting a Japanese audience then it is a great strategy. All your revenue depends on it.

My suggestion is to cover the maximum audience with the same effort and maximize the revenue.

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