When will my blog appear in Google search? (15 Questions Answered)

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I am a new blogger, posts are not showing in Google searches.

Are you searching for the answer to this million-dollar question?

There may be many reasons which Google never disclosed. Let’s deep dive and try to figure it out.

Usually, for an authority blog, it takes at least 24 hours to appear in Google search. If you are a newbie then it may take more than a week or it may never appear.

From my previous experience, I could assure you that if your content is helpful for the reader then it will appear. Whether you apply SEO best practices or not. I have seen some of my friends who never applied SEO tips and tricks to their blogs but get traffic from Google searches.

I have applied SEO best practices in one of my websites and here is the result. It is the second result appearing on the first page of a Google search.

Website Appearing On The First Page
Website Appearing on The First Page

When you follow the SEO tips it helps Google to bring your content in search more quickly.

But what are those?

What should I do to make my blog appear in Google searches?

Wait! you are not the only one who is trying to get the best position in the Google search. Provide the best content to appear in Google searches. Some factors are to be kept in mind like fresh, and unique content with proper linking.

There are millions of pages that are competing for this position. As per the above image, you could see among the fifteen thousand pages my page is showing in the second position even though I have not paid any for that.

Wants to know what I did for that?

1. Write articles on new topics

Writing articles on a new topic is one of the best ways to appear in Google searches. If you write on a topic that already exists with Google then why does Google your result?

On the other hand, if your topic is new then Google doesn’t have any option but to show your content.

But all the topics are available on Google.

How to find new topics?

There are two methods to search for a topic on Google one is using paid keyword research tools and the second is manual. I prefer the second method. Search your topic in Google manually and if no authority website is providing the results then go for it.

Can I copy someone’s content that is appearing in Google search?

2. Write unique content

No, never copy someone’s content to your website, it will be penalized. Only writing unique content can show your website on Google searches.

Not sound good right?

Let’s assume Google is a grocery shop and your articles as grocery. Does any shop display the same grocery twice, no? It preferably displays a variety of groceries, right?

So you have to provide unique content to get listed.

But how could I write unique?

If you are writing on your own without parallel reading then the content will be unique. If someone else is writing on your behalf then use any online plagiarism checker tool. It is free of up to 1000 words.

Check Plagiarism
Check Plagiarism

See my content is only appearing on my website. Here plagiarism is false positive since I am testing after publishing the content.

Does linking useful to appear in search results?

3. Linking your article

Purposefully linked articles appear more quickly on Google searches. At first search engine crawler crawl the sitemap of any website then it crawls deep links. Now if your other pages are linked then the crawler can easily assume that these pages already exist.

If you don’t internally link your pages then isolated pages may be ignored by crawlers. Somehow any of the isolated pages get ranked by Google then it can’t help other pages to rank.

External links are also useful. One of the perfect examples of an external link is Wikipedia. Every piece of information mentioned there is linked nicely as a reference.

Where to put the answer to my topic?

4. Answer the question at the beginning

The answer to your topic should be at the beginning of the article. It will increase the probability to feature in Google feature snippets. This is a great way to get the attention of the reader.

Google Featured Snippets
Google Featured Snippets

This has limited space to display the answer. So your answer should be short at least 30-50 words and 200-240 characters. This will higher your chance to appear in Google searches.

Your main title or keyword should be in your page URL. However, experts are talking about its importance for a very long time but Google never officially released any information.

We can understand it in a real-life example. Someone is talking about mango on the page but the URL contains “banana”.

How will you take it? What will be your first impression?

I am damn sure you will consider this a scam or unimportant, isn’t it? In my experience, I use my topic or keyword in my URL and the result is satisfactory in terms of appearance in Google.

6. Add title and meta description

In Google search result title and meta description of your page are displayed. Both should be present and have enough information to get clicks. Google display 60 characters of the title and 160 characters of the meta description.

If you are using RankMath then you can easily modify these. A preview option is also available there.

Modify Title and Meta Description in RankMath
Modify Title and Meta Description in RankMath

Should I use graphics to make it beautiful?

7. Keep your website fast

Website speed is an important factor to appear in Google searches. Why does Google suggest a very slow website? Slow websites create a negative impression on the readers.

Excessive use of graphics and designs could slow down your website, and create bad impressions to your readers.

I only use infographics images in “webp” format. It is recommended by Google.

I rely on Hostinger cache and a free plugin LiteSpeed cache to make my website faster.

Hostinger Cache
Hostinger Cache

Still not showing your content on Google?

When will my WordPress blog show up on Google?

Write the best content following the best practices. Wait for some time, it may take at least 24 hours to show up on Google. If your content quality is not so good then it may take a longer time or may never show up.

As per my personal experience, I could advise you to write content at regular intervals and wait for the results. Patience is important.

Connect your website with Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor activities. After five to ten articles you will notice the activities.

Published many articles but still not showing on Google?

Why is my blog post not showing on Google?

If your blog post is not showing on Google then review your settings. Check your XML sitemap whether is accessible by Google or not.

To check go to Sitemap settings under the RankMath menu.

XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap

Click on the sitemap link, it should open. Sometimes when you change other settings in WordPress it could prevent the sitemap from working properly. To fix it save the settings in RankMath and then click the sitemap link to check.

Still not able to view your blog on Google?

I cannot find my blog on Google

Did you check your Google search console? It could tell you the exact status of your pages. Let us see how. Go to the indexing pages option in the Google search console dashboard.

These are the details of my blog. Out of 320 pages, 315 are indexed and 5 are not indexed. All the indexed pages could be shown on Google. But what about the non-indexed?

Google Search Console Page Indexing
Google Search Console Page Indexing

Google provides the reason against the non-indexed pages. It is showing crawled but currently not indexed. That means the content of the pages is not good enough.

How much time does it take to index?

How much time does it take Google to index a blog post?

It takes 24 hours to index your blog. In my case, I publish unique and fresh content and indexing was never an issue for me. It is a fact that all your posts will not be going to be indexed.

Look at the above image, I have published 320 articles in the last year and only 5 are not indexed. This is a satisfactory result.

Google search console send you notification regularly when it faces any issue regarding indexing. Check your email regularly and stay updated.

Google Search Console Notification
Google Search Console Notification

Take proper action on the indexing-related notification.

When I will get organic views?

How long it will take for my new blog to get organic views?

You will start getting organic views after 10 articles. There is no rule to define the exact time when you will start getting views. Whenever I start a new blog it starts from the 10th article.

I always follow the basics. Unique and fresh content with proper SEO best practices applied.

Let me share the analytics of my other blog

Organic Views from the Beginning
Organic Views from the Beginning

I am getting organic views from the beginning.

Still not clear?

How long did you wait for Google to start ranking your blog?

24 hours is the ideal wait time for Google to rank your article. Yes, that’s correct only 24 hours! From my past experiences, I learned it. If my blog is not ranked within 24 hours then I rethink and rewrite it.

As a newbie, I will suggest you wait for at least 7 days. If your blog is still not ranked then either delete it or rewrite it.

Instant indexing is one of the techniques which can cut short the indexing time. Instant indexing trigger API request to the search engine that new content is published or older content is modified.

Rankmath Instant Indexing
Rankmath Instant Indexing

To use instant indexing you can install the RankMath plugin which provides instant indexing for Bing. There is another plugin by RankMath with the name of instant indexing it is for Google only. I use both of these and am happy with the results.

Newer blog posts no longer appear in google search results

It depends on how often you publish new content, and quality content with linking. Maintaining a frequency is always good. When you are consistent with your schedule, the crawler will crawl your website frequently.

It is very important to create genuine backlinks and internal linking for new posts. Post your links on social media, quora, web stories, and youtube. The crawler will get hints from multiple sources.

I use the automatic social media sharing option freely available with the Jetpack plugin.

Social Media Sharing with Jetpack
Social Media Sharing with Jetpack

When I publish my post it automatically pushes the same to my social media pages.

Not showing even after months?

A website not showing up on google even after months

This is unusual, it never happens to me. If quality content is published following the best practices, the website will show up within 24 hours. In that case, check the connected search console. It is your Bible, Gita, and Quran.

It will tell you exactly how many pages you published, and how many of them are indexed. A list of non-index pages with detailed reasons will appear there. Fix them one by one.

Your website will show up on Google.

Images are not shown on Google search?

Blogspot or WordPress images are shown on Google search when you add them to the sitemap. Besides this meaningful titles, alt tags, and descriptions are also required.

Add images to your sitemap using RankMath. When you upload an image add a title, alt tag, and description in your media section.

Image Not Showing on Google Search
Image Not Showing on Google Search

Some Frequently Asked Questions

I know, even with the above information, there are still some questions in your mind regarding the time interval between blog publishing and showing up on Google search.

I can’t promise that I could clear all your doubts but I have some answers to some frequently asked questions about the time required to show up on Google searches.

Q: How to show my Blogger profile in Google search?

Use ProfilePage schema in your author page. This will help you to appear in Google searches. Applying schema in Blogger is a little tricky.

Search in Google you will get tons of articles on how to add schema in Blogger.

Q: Can a free WordPress blog appear on Google Search?

A free WordPress blog can appear on Google Search. Without using any paid plugins it can be achieved. I use almost no paid plugins to create WordPress blogs.

My blogs are generating handsome amounts of revenue.

Paid plugins offer some extra features and save time. If you are a beginner and have time then go with free plugins.

Q: If I write blogs on Blogspot will it appear on Google and will it be eligible for payment?

Yes, you can monetize your Blogspot blog with Google Adsense and other affiliates, it will appear on Google also. Blogspot is hosted by Google and here you can save the expense of hosting.

But it has a few challenges. You need the knowledge of frontend programming to achieve some functionality like a table of contents. These are easy and quick in WordPress. You can’t use the Google Web Stories plugin in Blogspot.

As a newbie, you can try Blogspot.

Q: Why my blog recipes do not show in Google searches?

Use recipe schema in your food blog to appear in Google searches. To use recipe schema use the RankMath plugin. In the free version, you can use only one schema per post.

In the paid version you can use multiple schemas per post.

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