How many blog posts are required for AdSense approval (15 Questions Answered)

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Are you planning to monetize your blog with Google AdSense?

There will be tons of questions in your mind. How many blog posts to write, what word count, the time it will take and so many.

Plenty of tutorials are available on the web to suggest to you, but I will share my own experience and some facts in support of my idea.

How many blog posts are required for AdSense approval?

At least 10 high-quality blog posts are required to get AdSense approval. Why 10, is it a rule? Certainly not, Google never says anything about it.

Then why I am saying 10?

Let’s check Google AdSense’s policy.

Google AdSense Policy
Google AdSense Policy

It says three things easy navigation, and unique and interesting content. To create easy navigation you need to have at least 4-5 blog posts. As a beginner, you need a few more blog posts to understand what is unique and interesting.

You will learn as you continue to write and explore.

That’s why I am saying the number 10.

I know you are curious to know if I have AdSense-approved blogs.

I am sharing a screenshot of one of my AdSense accounts.

My AdSense Approved Blogs
My AdSense-Approved Blogs

For these two websites AdSense was approved with 10 articles. Both blogs are on WordPress.

Are you using BlogSpot?

How many posts in BlogSpot are required to activate AdSense?

No difference here, you need at least 10 quality articles for AdSense approval in BlogSpot. There is no difference between BlogSpot and WordPress for Google. Google considers each page as HTML code.

Can you find any difference between the sample web page of a WordPress website and another of Blogger?

How Google Visualize Web Page
How Google Visualize Web Page

Both are HTML codes no code level differences there.

I know some of my friends who find BlogSpot convenient for blogging. They get AdSense approval with 10 articles.

Is any page views criteria to get Adsense approval?

How many pageviews should a blog have to get Adsense approval?

Website visitor count is not an eligibility factor for AdSense approval. This is because of Google AdSense policy. The visitor count has not been mentioned in AdSense policy documents.

The very first image of this article which is the AdSense policy clearly asks for easy navigation and quality and unique content.

Here is the proof.

AdSense Approved Without Any Traffic
AdSense Approved Without Any Traffic

I got an email that my AdSense is approved on 20th September. On that date, total traffic on my blog was between 5 to 10, which is negligible.

How much time does it take to get approval?

How many months are required in order to apply for Adsense?

Google takes a maximum of 7 days time to send a response to your AdSense application. There is no wait time mentioned in the AdSense approval policy. It only requires quality and unique articles.

For one of the websites, I got AdSense approval within 10 days. I start posting articles on the 3rd of the month on regular basis. Applied for AdSense on the 13th of the month and got the approval mail on the 20th.

Till the 13th there were only 10 articles on my blog!

AdSense Approved Within 10 Days
AdSense Approved Within 10 Days

Do I need to post long articles for AdSense approval?

Is it necessary to have long blog posts for AdSense approval?

To get AdSense approval no special content length is required. Google’s policy says only unique and interesting content is the condition. Write your article in such a way that readers love to read. Don’t copy it from any website to make it unique.

AdSense is an advertiser and what does it need in a website, a perfect place where readers spend time? As a reader content length will never be my priority. I will prefer only information that is interesting to me.

Many SEO Gurus will tell you to write more than 2000 words article. It is for different purposes not for AdSense approval.

So how many words for a BlogSpot blog?

How many words are needed for a Blogspot blog to approve Google AdSense?

For the BlogSpot blog, word count is not an eligibility criterion. The blog article should be unique, this is the main requirement. Your blog should be engaging for the readers.

There is no magical number to get AdSense approval. Keep the word count as required to cover the article.

Let me share the details of one of my blogs which is approved by AdSense.

Content Length of My Blog
Content-Length of My Blog

The Word count of my articles is between 550 to 850 words depending on the topic.

When should I apply?

When should I apply for AdSense?

Write unique content and make it interesting to the readers. Post at least 10 articles on regular basis before applying for AdSense. Before applying interlink your articles. Create a proper menu and submenu so that readers can easily navigate.

Do not apply for AdSense in a hurry. If it is rejected, on the first attempt then you have to wait for a few months. This may be quite demoralizing for you.

Therefore my suggestion is to post at least 10 good-quality articles before applying.

Can I get approval in 15 days?

How to get Adsense approval in 15 days?

To get instant AdSense approval follow the basic requirements. Invest some time and set up a perfect blog. Write at least 10 quality and unique articles. Initially, as a newbie, it will take at least 5-10 days to write 10 articles.

Use infographics to make your articles engaging. After writing, the articles read them on your end also share them with your friend, and ask for their reviews. Implement the changes if required.

Interlink your articles and add external links for reference. It will make your content more authoritative.

Create short videos about your article and embed them. If you have no videos then use any relevant video to embed in your article.

Use highlight and bold font for the most important section in your article. It will attract readers’ attention.

Keep your sentences and paragraph short. So that readers can easily understand your feelings.

Now you are ready to apply for AdSense. Go for it. It will be approved I am 100% sure about it.

AdSense Approved
AdSense Approved

My blog is new, can I get AdSense approval?

Can a new blog without many views and 10 posts be approved in AdSense?

AdSense approval does not depend on the blog’s age and the number of posts. In this article, I have disclosed one of my blogs that were 10 days old and have 10 posts.

If you read Google’s AdSense policy then you will understand it. It says to focus on unique and interesting content. Make the navigation easy for users.

For easier navigation, I will recommend Generate Press theme. It is very popular for blogging. My current website is also built with it.

Can you get Google AdSense approval without a blog post?

No, you will not get AdSense approval without a blog post. As I am discussing in this article the criteria for approval is unique content that is interesting to the readers.

Are you planning for a service-related website? Like weather updates. To monetize it with AdSense at least 10 blog post is required at the initial level. Once you get the approval then you may not post new articles. Then you can focus on your services.

Never try to find a shortcut to get approval. Your website may be penalized. AdSense account also may be suspended. Just follow the policy by heart.

You will generate a handsome income from AdSense.

My AdSense is approved how to use it on my blog?

How to use Google AdSense on your blog?

There are three popular methods to use Google AdSense on your blog. Each has its own benefits and hustles also. In my past blogs, I have tried all these methods, I will share them with you.

1. Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit is one of the most popular plugins to insert AdSense code into your blog. Install the plugin into your WordPress blog. Connect your Google AdSense account to Site Kit. Enable auto ad from your AdSense account.

Now Site Kit will place AdSense code on all your blog posts and pages.

AdSense Connected with Site Kit
AdSense Connected with Site Kit

It has some limitations. The most common problem with Site Kit is that it slows down your website. As a beginner, you will get many notifications in your search console as you use Site Kit.

Here come ad inserter plugins.

2. Ad inserter plugins

Ad inserter plugins are most popular among intermediate and seasoned bloggers. It helps to push AdSense code to your blogs as per your requirement. Here you get all the controls.

To use Ad inserter plugins you have to create ad units in the AdSense dashboard. Now you can use the ad unit codes in your inserter plugin. You can customize the appearance, time, etc.

Ad Inserter Plugin
Ad Inserter Plugin

I personally prefer ad inserter plugins. It helps me to place AdSense ads without affecting website performance.

3. Insert manually

Manually inserting AdSense code into your blog needs some knowledge of programming. It is the most effective way to place AdSense code. No extra CSS or js code is added to your blog.

To manually insert the AdSense code, you may use a child theme. In this way, you can easily update your main theme. It will not override the customization.

Personally, I do not prefer this because it takes too much time to implement.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Even with all the above-mentioned information, I know you have many questions. It is really not possible for me to cover all, but I have selected some of the frequently asked questions for you.

Q: Does Adsense give approval on mysterious facts websites?

The main reason to reject AdSense is unoriginal content. If you are planning a website around mysterious facts be sure to choose topics.

Search topics in google and try to cover those topics which are not present. At least do not cover those topics which are already covered by some authority sites.

First, create some unique content and build your own authority then you can create popular content also.

Q: Is it important to buy hosting for a Google Adsense account?

It is not necessary to buy hosting for Google AdSense accounts. With hosting you can use popular CMS like WordPress. Here you get many customization options.

You can use AdSense monetization on free platforms like BlogSpot, and Google Sites. There are limited customization options. Hosting will be required when your blog grows.

Why not use hosting from the beginning? Hosting like Hostinger does not cost much. If you buy it for a long time it will be cheaper.

Q: Is it necessary to give my bank detail during creating a Google Adsense account may I add my payment method later?

At the initial level, you can skip entering your bank details. But finally, you have to add your bank details. Let’s first verify your identity with AdSense. Bank account details can be added later.

Try to complete your account information as soon as possible. In some cases, if you don’t enter bank details AdSense may pause ad delivery.

There will be a loss of revenue in that case.

Q: Is the new website Adsense approval always saying no content?

For a new website, AdSense may be rejected due to having no content. If you have at least 10 quality articles then there will be no chance to reject.

Before applying for AdSense post 10 unique content articles. Link them internally. Create some pages like About Us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer.

For a new blogger, it is mandatory to follow the Google AdSense policy guidelines.

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