Which blog is best for AdSense? (29 Questions Answered)

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A high-traffic niche blog is best for AdSense. The niche that has an international audience gives more ad revenue.

AdSense is a game of traffic volume. There is a high CPC in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Here CPC plays a vital role to generate more revenue.

I will share 5 proven tips to maximize your income from AdSense.

Are you planning your website but don’t know what will be the best?

Which type of website is best for AdSense?

Blog, Forum, and Free online tools generate quality revenue from AdSense. I am not joking, Google is accepting this.

Let’s deep dive.

#1 Blog

Blog sites are at No.1 in earnings. Do you know there are 600 million blogs around the world?

It doesn’t need any technical knowledge to start a blog. This is all about storytelling. Tell your story that your audience can relate to. Your earnings start. Isn’t it amazing!

Search Engine Land is one of the prominent examples of a blog site.

Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land

To start your blog today download my free book “Pick the Right Setup Blog”.

Don’t like to write, what else?

#2 Forum sites

You don’t like to write articles? Forum sites may be your other choice. Forums like Cat Forum generate a high amount of revenue through AdSense.

Here you need some technical knowledge. Or you may hire a developer to develop a forum website for you.

Your audience can share their thoughts in the form of text, images, or videos. They create their audience.

Cat Forum
Cat Forum

I am looking for a more technical category.

#3 Online tool sites

Websites like FreeConvert.Com offer free image, video, and pdf conversion services. Monetize the website with Google AdSense. This is a perfect example of online tool sites generating a high volume of traffic and revenue.

This requires good technical knowledge while starting. After a point, you can hire any developer to add more services to it.

Free Convert
Free Convert

Which platform to choose?

Which blogging platform should I use for Google AdSense?

WordPress and Blogger are the most popular platform that uses Google AdSense. WordPress is a CMS that offers plenty of customization options. Blogger is easier to use but has limitations.

#1 WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system developed by contributors.

It offers a variety of plugins to integrate Google AdSense.

Word Press
Word Press

Free plugins like Google Sitekit offer single-click AdSense implementation with auto-ad placement.

With Sitekit you can’t control device-specific ad placement.

Site Kit
Site Kit

Many ad-inserter plugins are available here. Offer device-specific ad placement. There are free, freemium, and premium in the category.

#2 Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google. With a few clicks, you can set up your blog.

You need basic knowledge of HTML to add AdSense to Blogger. Add AdSense code to your blogger and set it in auto mode.

There is no plugin here to make your task easy.


Blogger or WordPress which is better for AdSense?

Which is better for Google Adsense: Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress has better control over Google AdSense. Blogger is better for newbies. Seasoned bloggers prefer WordPress.

#1 Blogger

Blogger is much older than WordPress. It comes into existence in 1999.

FreeLimited themes are available
Easy to startNo third-party plugins are available
No technical knowledge requiredHard to customize
Blogger or WordPress
Blogger or WordPress

#2 WordPress

WordPress is much newer than Blogger. It comes into existence in 2003.

Tons of themes are availableRequired technical knowledge
Plenty of third-party plugins are availableRequired regular update
Easy to customizeHigh learning curve compared to Blogger

Hostinger is an affordable hosting solution for WordPress.

Which theme to use in blogger to get AdSense approval?

Which is the best Blogger theme for AdSense approval?

All available Blogger themes are best for AdSense approval. There is no role of theme in AdSense approval.

Write at least 10 quality and original articles. Keep it easy for the audience to navigate your blog.

All the Blogger themes provide easy user navigation.

Keep your blogger theme simple to get more visitors.

What about WordPress?

Which theme is best for Google AdSense approval?

Content is king. The primary rule for AdSense approval is well-crafted and engaging content. WordPress requires at least one active theme to start.

During installation, WordPress offers a free theme. To look outstanding in your audience branding is important.

Follow a uniform color and font that is readable to your audience.

GeneratePress is an affordable theme available in free and premium versions. The Premium version offers many extra customization options.

It offers built-in sections to display ads.

GeneratePress Theme
GeneratePress Theme

A blog or website is better for AdSense?

Which one is better, a blog or a website for Google AdSense?

The blog is a much better choice for AdSense. Search engine index your blog. Show to the audience as an organic result. But, websites are often promoted from person to person by the owner.

Manual promotion is not a good idea. It could reach anyone. A person who doesn’t like the content will press the back button.

Google will count these as a false clicks. This will lead to the termination of the AdSense account.

How many blogs can I add to an AdSense account?

How many blogs can we monetize using one Google AdSense account?

You can add 500 different URLs to a single Google AdSense account. To add many blogs to a single AdSense account add it as a new website.

You have to go through a separate approval process for each blog.

You will see the status pending till it is in process. On approval, you will get a welcome email from Google and the status will be ready.

How many blogs can we monetize using one Google AdSense account
How many blogs can we monetize using one Google AdSense account

Source: Google.com.

Which type of blog is best for earning?

A blog that covers the majority of the audience is best for earning.

  1. Digital Marketing,
  2. Finance,
  3. Health and Fitness,
  4. Sports,
  5. Food,
  6. Fashion.

These are the most potential niche for earning through blogs. Look at the yearly data of Google Trends.

Here you will find all the trending search terms in Google. It will give you a clear picture to help to choose your niche.

Google Trends
Google Trends

Am I eligible for AdSense?

Is my blog eligible for AdSense?

Blogs with high-quality, original, and engaging content are eligible for AdSense. Google’s policy is very clear about it. You need at least 10 articles to get AdSense approval.

What is high-quality content?

#1 High-Quality content

The quality of a blog depends on the topic’s relevancy. Proper sentence formation. No grammatical errors. Elaborated with headings and sub-headings.

Answer the question of the user to the search engine.

Data shown in the article should be in the table. Bullet points for nonrelated lists and numbered for related lists.

High-Quality content
High-Quality Content

What is original content?

#2 Original content

Google loves original content. Write your own content. Keep it original. Don’t copy from anywhere.

Never use AI-generated content. Google can differentiate between machine-generated and human text.

At the initial level write your blog or hire someone. Before publishing use any plagiarism checker tool.

Original content
Original content

What is engaging content?

#3 Engaging content

Before writing the content create an image of your potential audience. Now write the content which your audience love. Add emotions to your content.

Internet users are always in a hurry. Long sentences, difficult word choices, and lengthy paragram may distract them.

Use the inverse pyramid technique here. Base and the important section at the top and less important at the bottom. Select the language that suits the best.

Connect the sections and make them engaging to the audience.

Engaging content
Engaging content

What are the most successful blogs?

Which blogs are most successful?

There are many successful blogs around the world. Some of them are generating revenue from Google AdSense like wikihow.com.

#1 Wikihow.com

Wikihow is a how-to website that covers almost all topics. It started in 2005. Currently, it is generating an annual revenue of $10.0M – $15.0M. The estimated traffic is 100M per month.

#2 Mashable.com

Mashable.com is a media and entertainment blogging website. It started in 2005. Currently, it is generating an annual revenue of $50.0M – $75.0M. The estimated traffic is 17M per month.

#3 Businessinsider.in

Businessinsider.in is a multi-niche blog website. It started in 2005. Currently, it is generating an annual revenue of $2.0M – $5.0M. The estimated traffic is 6M per month.

#4 Ccm.net

Ccm.net is a tech blog started in 1999. Currently, it is generating an annual revenue of $4.0M – $10.0M. The estimated traffic is 7M per month.

#5 Hongicat.com

Hongicat is a tech blog with estimated traffic of 1M per month. Currently, it is generating an annual revenue of $2.0M – $4.0M.

Successful Blogs
Successful Blogs

What types of blogs are most demanding?

What type of blog is in demand?

Travel, People, Sports, Entertainment, Recipes, and Pets categories are the most searched topics. This is the previous year’s Google Trends.

This is the global data, it may change for any specific country.

As the data shows blogs related to those categories get the most traffic.

Even a new blog with a micro niche can get huge traffic.

Blogs In Demand
Blogs In Demand

Are you not getting enough revenue from AdSense?

What are AdSense alternatives for instant approval?

By any chance, if your AdSense account got suspended then alternatives are there. The lowest payout limit is much lower for some ad networks. Have a look.

Ad NetworkLowest PayoutAd TypePayment Method
Setupad€100Display, Native, Video, AnchorBank Transfer, PayPal
Media.net$100DisplayPayPal, Wire transfer

Can I try affiliate?

Which is good for blogger Adsense or Affiliate?

AdSense and Affiliate both are good. Famous bloggers like Neil Patel and Harsh Agarwal use affiliates. But, Amit Agarwal uses AdSense.

But do you know why?

AdSense is a good choice when your audience space is vast. The affiliate works well for micro niche blogs.

AdSense generates less revenue compared to Affiliate on the same traffic.

Adsense or Affiliate
Adsense or Affiliate

I am interested to start a blog and make money with AdSense.

How do I start a blog and make money with AdSense?

I will share your five proven tips to start a killer blog to make money with AdSense.
What to do first?

Total time: 2 minutes

#1 Choose your niche

Before starting a blog the most important thing is to choose your niche. This will define your audience. Finance, Digital Marketing, Parenting, Recipes anything you can choose.
Blogging is not a few days or monthly activity. It will take years to establish.
Select the niche which you find most comfortable to explore.
With niche selection of language is also very much important.
To get popular niche ideas check Google Trends.

#2 Select the perfect domain name

Head to LeanDomainSearch.com and put one or two words about your selected niche. It will give you a list of available domains that contain the word.
Choose the domain with the com extension. It will help you to create your brand in the future.
You can get a free domain with Hostinger.

#3 Choose a reliable host

Select a reliable hosting that provides quick support. While choosing hosting check the caching option also. Book for more than one year to get the greatest discounts.
Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers that come with caching option.

#4 Set up a perfect blog

Now it is time to set up a perfect blog. I will share my favorite 8 free plugins that will give your blog rocket speed.
1. Rank Math SEO,
2. Instant indexing,
3. LiteSpeed cache,
4. One Signal Push Notification,
5. Akismet Anti-Spam,
6. Web Stories, and
7. Site Kit.
Install an optimized theme to stand out among the millions of other blogs on the web. Use the GeneratePress theme to kick-start your blog. Its free version includes all the features required for a beginner. For more customization choose the pro version.
Download my free course to set up your blog.

#5 Write engaging content

Content is king! Write content for your audience that they love. Use simple sentences. Short paragraphs that contain 5 to 6 sentences. Follow the inverse pyramid technique.
Write the most important sections at the top of your article.
Create a hook in your introduction. Divide your body into sub-headings, bullet points, and tables. Include images and videos relevant to your topic.
Craft a conclusion with a question to your audience.
Getting traffic but AdSense earnings are low?

High traffic but Low Adsense earnings, feel like quitting

I will share with you 5 quick tips to maximize your AdSense earnings.

#1 Increase on-page time

When your audience spends more time on your page, there is more chance to click ads. To increase page time write engaging content.

Use multimedia in your article. This may include audio, video, and graphics.

#2 Cut bounce rates

Link your other articles. This will help the audience to navigate within your blog. There will be more chances to click ads.

Use external links as references in your article. This will improve the authority of your content.

#3 Use auto-ads

Enable auto-ads from your AdSense dashboard. Let Google decide the best place and time to display ads in your article.

Google will optimize ads for you. This will increase your earnings.

#4 Retarget your audience

Use push notifications. Allow your users to subscribe to your content on the go. When you publish a new article all your subscribed users will get the notification.

This will help you to generate earnings.

#5 Create groups for your audience

Create Facebook or telegram groups. Share your posts on these groups. Add a join button in your article. This will create a space around your niche. Like-minded users will join.

When you publish new articles in these groups users may visit your page.

#6 Create an email list

Creating an email list is also a tested way to bring users back to your article. Provide free e-books or courses and ask the user to provide an email id.

Write to your audience when you publish a new article.

Don’t bombard your audience’s inbox, they will not like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even with all this information, there are many questions still in your mind. I can’t answer all but I have picked some frequently asked questions.

Q: I already have an AdSense-approved blog, do I need to apply again for Youtube?

That Sounds great. To monetize your YouTube you need to follow a separate approval process. Follow the YouTube AdSense policy.
Apply for AdSense when creating a new YouTube channel. When you reach the qualification benchmark Google will notify you.

Q: Word count for a poem blog to get approval from Adsense?

Word count is not a required factor for AdSense approval. Write quality content, original content, and engaging content. This is AdSense policy.
Write at least 10 articles before applying for AdSense.

Q: Can I get AdSense for a blog created using Google Translate?

Content created using Google Translate is a duplicate copy of the original content. This is not allowed in AdSense policy.
Google will reject your AdSense application.
Write your content without copying from anywhere.

Q: How to get Adsense approval for the Blogger website without a high-level domain?

Write quality articles in Blogger to get AdSense approval. A high-level domain helps to create your brand identity.
Without a high-level domain, you can monetize your Blogger blog with AdSense.

Q: Does AdSense allow to use of Shrink links?

Yes, AdSense allows Shrinkme links. Shrink links make the task difficult for the crawlers. Link juice will never pass with these links.
It will affect your ranking.

Q: Without getting an AdSense account is it OK to publish the HTML code of others in the Blog?

Never do this. This is against AdSense policy. Ads will not serve if your domain is not approved.
Each AdSense HTML code contains a unique id of the ad unit and ad account. Google will track it and block ads.

Q: Why I have not received any email for 2 weeks after submitting for AdSense approval?

Google may reject the AdSense application without any notice. In that case work on your blog for two months. Write quality articles then apply again.
Follow my detailed article “How many blog posts are required for AdSense approval”.

Q: Can I change the blog name before applying for AdSense?

Yes, you can change your blog name before applying for AdSense. There is no restriction in AdSense policy.

Q: Why ads are not showing in my blog after AdSense approval?

There may be many reasons for not displaying ads. Check your browser settings, it could block ads. Check your blog on a different device. Sometimes ads don’t show to the admin IP.
Enable auto-ads in your AdSense dashboard.
To fix the issue apply these tips.

Q: Does it affect AdSense if I view my blog?

It will affect you. AdSense will deduct your views from the total ad views of your blog. Disable ad display for logged-in users. This will help you to not display ads for you as admin.

Q: How to control AdSense ad placement on mobile?

Use ad inserter plugins to place ads on your blog. You will get many options to control your ads on mobile.


AdSense gives commission on ad view and click. Be an authority on your topic. Create space for your audience. Create quality articles and links.

Improve your ranking to get a good volume of traffic. High traffic will lead to high income through AdSense.

Create quality content for your audience that they love.

How are you doing with Affiliate or AdSense? Comment below. I will definitely help you to boost your earning potential.

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