How to Monetize Your Blog from Day One? (15 Questions Answered)

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Do you already have a blog or want to start a new blog? As blog owners, our primary aim is to make money. Tons of articles on the Internet will provide you with hundreds of tips to monetize your blog. But none of them are providing information to monetize your blog from day one.

In this article, I will tell you the 16 best ways to monetize your blog from day one.

16 Ways to Monetize Your Blog from Day One

There are many ways to monetize your blog. I will tell you only those monetization tips that will help you to monetize your blog from day one. 

#01 Affiliate

Affiliate is one of the best ways to monetize your blog from day one. To affiliate, you have to join any program like Amazon affiliate or ClickBank. Write your blog in such a way that your audience convince to click your affiliate link and buy the product.

Affiliate, seller, or affiliate platforms give you a small amount of commission against the sale of the product. Many affiliate blogs are available on the Internet for years. These blogs have high authority in their domain.

Provide enough information to your reader so that they stick to your blog and Google finds it very important. When you do this, Google gives you a higher rank in search results. Now it is time to convince your reader through your story’s tingling skill.

Making income from affiliates does not require a high volume of traffic. You can generate a handsome amount of money with very low traffic.

Affiliate (Photo source)

#02 Freelancing

If you have any sort of skill that people are finding on the Internet. Then you may go for freelancing. There are many freelancing platforms like,, and Register yourself and create your gigs. 

Only publishing gigs to the freelancer platforms will not bring you sales. To generate sales write your blog around those gigs and link them. Convince your audience with your blog to click your gigs. In this way, you will great traffic to your blog and channel them to your gigs.

Freelancing (Photo source)

#03 Sponsorships (posts, reviews)

If you have a single niche or multi-niche blog, you can accept sponsored posts. You can write reviews about related products or services.

Write some quality articles in your niche. Rank them in Google. On your contact page, tell people that you accept sponsored posts and reviews. Sponsored posts and reviews create backlinks. Google does not allow payments for backlinks or link exchanges. Do not mention any commercials on your contact page. Just provide your e-mail ID and let people contact you.

You can generate a handsome amount of money through these sponsor ports or reviews from day one.

Sponsorships (Photo source)

#04 Sell Online Courses

Learning skills through the Internet are very popular. Create your course. Costs may include audio, video, and pdfs. Use tools like Canva to create your course.

Write quality articles about your course. Do not write every detail of your course in your blog post. Let your buyer feel that the money they paid for the course is something spatial.

Charge the average amount of money for your course. Do some market research to decide how much money you should charge for your course.

To get paid for courses use international payment methods like PayPal or Stripe.

Sell Online Courses
Sell Online Courses (Photo source)

#05 Sell eBooks

Do some market research and try to understand the problems that people are facing in your niche. Create ebooks to solve this problem. In your ebook suggest multiple solutions for the problem. Write the ebook in very simple language.

In your blog, ask people to purchase this ebook that can solve their problems. Keep the price very nominal and make it affordable to all your readers. To sell this ebook you can use the WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress. integrate with international payment methods.

Sell eBooks
Sell eBooks (Photo source)

#06 Google Ads

Google AdSense is the most popular way to monetize the blog. Use Google site Kit or any other ad inserter plugin to inject AdSense code in your blog.

And display the optimal amount of Adsense ads in your blog. This will help you to get more conversions. Google AdSense uses JavaScript to load. After injecting Adsense code into your blog, it may make your blog very slow. How to make my blog fast? Use a cache plugin like Lightspeed cache to keep your blog fast.

Google Ads
Google Ads (Photo source)

#07 Guest Posts

However, it is not permitted Google to get paid for any guest posts. You can still use guest posts to monetize your blog. You can write guest posts on your own or hire a writer on You can easily charge $10 to $20 for each guest post.

On your contact page, mention that you accept guest posts. Do not mention any commercials there. Give your e-mail ID and let others contact you.

Do not accept too many guest posts. It will affect your ranking badly.

Guest Posts
Guest Posts (Photo source)

#08 Dedicated Email

For each of your blogs create an e-mail list. Adding subscribe option to your blog is not enough today. No one wants to read any unnecessary emails. To create your e-mail list, provide the option to download free ebooks or free PDFs and make it mandatory to provide e-mail.

Verify that the emails are genuine. To verify whether the emails are genuine or not. You can create a simple application that will ask users to click a link on their mail to verify before final submission. Comment below. I will give you the application that I am using.

Use this e-mail list to promote any product or service. On the sale of this product or service, you will generate income.

Dedicated Email
Dedicated Email (Photo source)

#09 Consulting

Consulting is also one of the great ways to instant monetize a blog. Show your expertise through your blog. Write a detailed and informative blog and make the authority of your website.

Create a page regarding your services. Provide options to book your services. To sell your consulting service you can use the WooCommerce plugin or create a sample application.

Charge below the average price for your consultation.

Consulting (Photo source)

#10 Display Advertising

In your blog, give space for display advertising. Themes like GeneratePress provide space for display advertising. Do not place illegal display advertisements like adult content or gambling. Google will punish your domain. You can lose your rank and traffic.

On your contact page, mention that you accept display advertising. It will help the advertiser to contact. Mention your e-mail ID on your contact page. Do not provide a general e-mail ID like Gmail or Yahoo. Create your e-mail ID in your domain.

In hosting services like Hostinger you get free e-mail options.

For commercials, negotiate with your advertisers through e-mail.

Display Advertising
Display Advertising (Photo source)

#11 Sell Products (Physical, Digital)

Selling physical or digital products through your blog is a great way to monetize from day one. Use plugins like WooCommerce or create a simple app to sell your products. Sale only those products that you believe are safe and helpful to your audience.

Trust is the key factor to generate sales. Right, helpful, and quality articles build trust among your audience.

Sell Products
Sell Products (Photo source)

#12 Summits (Webinar)

Virtual summits or webinars are one of the best ways to generate sales. Organize summits on trending topics. Provide paid options to join the summits. Provide helpful content in your summit and collect the e-mail ID of participants.

Add these e-mail IDs to your master e-mail list. You can reach out to subscribers to promote products or services.

To get more participants for the summits, promote the event on your social media. If you are generating good returns then you can plan for paid advertisement also.

Webinar (Photo source)

#13 Donations

Through donations, you can monetize your blog. Write informative articles in your niche. Build your audience.

Ask your audience to make small donations so that you can keep providing such valuable information. Those who loved your work will donate.

Use legitimate ways like PayPal to collect donations.

If you are presenting your blog as a nonprofit organization then it will make sense to get donations.

Donations (Photo source)

#14 Podcast

Offer podcasts to your audience that are interesting to them. Initially feature well-known personalities in your podcast. This will help to make your blog popular. Once it will become an authority in your niche people will pay to feature in your podcast.

The podcast is a great way to make the audience. The audience of the person that you are featuring in your podcast will be converted as your audience. Some of your audience who are interested in that person may also convert to their audience.

In podcasts, guests and hosts both get benefits from each other audience.

Podcast (Photo source)

#15 Paid Memberships

Create exclusive content for your members. Provide options in your blog for paid memberships. Under subdomain host application that can handle your memberships program. You can either make it on your own or hire a developer.

Write good quality articles and convince your reader to opt for the paid memberships. From your paid membership program, you can collect the e-mail IDs of the subscribers. You can use this e-mail ID to promote other products and services also. 

Paid Memberships
Paid Memberships (Photo source)

#16 Paid Business Directory

In your blog, create a section for the Business directory. Initially, you can register your local businesses free of cost. When you have some traffic in your blog. You can change the listing type from free to paid.

Paid business directories are not a new concept. Websites like or are doing the same business for years.

Paid Business Directory
Paid Business Directory (Photo source)

Can you start earning money on a blog within one day?

Starting to make money on a blog within day one is very much possible. You can achieve this in a planned way. Choose a low competitive niche and stand out among all your competitors. Write quality articles for your audience. Monetize your blog from day one in all 16 ways that I have mentioned in my article.

All of the ways that I have suggested may not be suitable for your blog. Among all the ways, try to add 4 to 5 to your blog.

You will generate money on your blog through sales. To generate sales you need some traffic. You will get traffic from search results. Search engines like Google take some time to rank and display your blog in search results.

Keep patience and work hard within this time.

Start Earning Money on a Blog
Start Earning Money on a Blog (Photo source)

How quickly can you monetize a blog?

You can monetize your blog from day one. Yes, it is possible. There are many ways to monetize a blog. In this article, I have discussed 16 ways to monetize a blog.

Some of them require some time and some of them can be implemented from day one. Affiliate is the quickest way to monetize a blog. To convert your audience to the affiliate right quality articles. Engage your audience through storytelling. Convince them to convert through an affiliate.

How to monetize my blog which has less than 100 visitors?

Some add networks require thousands of traffic to approve your blog for monetization. Keep them aside. With less than 100 visitors, you have many ways. To monetize your blog with less traffic you can monetize with affiliates, ebooks, and courses.

To monetize the block with less traffic, focus on a niche that has low competition and high income. Suppose you have a blog around boats. The cost of each boat is very high. For each conversion, you can earn hundreds of dollars. 

How do you monetize your blog in 7 days?

A perfect plan is necessary to monetize a blog in seven days. Choose a low-competitive niche before starting A blog. Search your keywords around the niche. Draft a detailed outline for each keyword. The outline should contain all LSI keywords and relevant questions. Write quality and informative articles for each keyword.

I will share with you a seven-day plan to monetize your blog. 

# Day 1: Research

On the very first day, search keywords in Google and look for the top 20 competitors in your niche. Get an idea about how they are monetizing their blogs. Note down all the Affiliates, programs, and advertisements they are using.

Choose the relevant advertisement and affiliate programs and apply.

Some advertisements and affiliate programs do not ask for any minimum traffic to your blog. In these programs, you will get affiliate links on day second.

Add these affiliate links to your blogs. All the links that you are adding to your blog should be relevant to the content. 

# Day 3: Reply to the Responses

Some affiliate and advertisement programs will e-mail you for further details. Respond to those emails and clarify.

Interlinking is very important for indexing. Interlink all your blogs. This will help the readers to jump from one article to another.

While interlinking, anchor text should be relevant to your content. 

Those advertisements and affiliate programs that you responded to on day three of May have sent to you the approved affiliate links. Add these links to your blogs.

# Day 6: Research Your Top 40 Competitors

On day one you have researched the top 20 of your competitors. Now it is time to extend our research. Check every keyword that you have targeted on Google search. Open all the Top 40 competitors that are showing in Google search results.

Join all the affiliated advertisement programs that they are promoting. And these affiliate links to your blog also. 

# Day 7: Reach the Advertisers Directly

On day seven, research your top 100 competitors. Note all the direct advertisers that they are promoting. Send an e-mail to the advertisers with a positive pitch.

Modify your contact page and mention that you will accept guest posts and reviews. 

Don’t stop here. Repeat this seven-day formula for at least three months.

Is it possible to monetize my blog within 30 days of publishing?

It is very much possible to monetize a blog from day one. In this article, I have discussed 16 ways to monetize your blog. Apply my seven-day formula to monetize a blog and repeat it four times a month.

A Blogger needs to be consistent. Write quality articles consistently. In the initial days, you will find it difficult. Once you repeat my seven-day formula three to four times, you will find that you are very much used to it. 

How much time will it take to monetize a blog if a person took a custom domain after two months?

You can monetize your blog from day one. Before starting A blog, research your niche. Once you decide the needs, now book a custom domain. To search all the available domains around your niche, you can use lean domain search. Take blogging as a business. Here domain is your business address. Keep it very simple.

Now, book a hosting space. Think of it as a business place. To rent a physical business place, you need thousands of dollars to invest. Hosting space and domains come in a few dollars. 

How to monetize a blog in 6 months?

You can monetize your blog on day one. If you have six months, then plan in detail. Create a Google Doc and note down your plan. Categorize the whole process. Keyword research, drafting outlines, writing content, and publishing content are four major categories.

Assigned days to those categories. Work on those categories in batches of five to 10.

Apply my 16 ways to monetize a blog. Reach the advertisers and affiliates and get approval.

What are the requirements to monetize a blog?

The only requirement to monetize a blog is traffic. Some advertisers and affiliates do not need a minimum amount of traffic. But some do.

To generate traffic, choose a low-competitive niche. Write good quality articles for your readers. When readers spend more time on your articles Google will give you a higher rank. The more the ranks, the more traffic.

Write catchy blog titles for your articles. This will help you. To get more click-through rates. 

How do monetize bloggers with AdSense?

To monetize a blog with Adsense, you need at least 10 quality articles. Write unique articles and make them informative.

Join the Google AdSense program. The Google AdSense team will review your blog before approval. It may take seven days to get approval.

After the approval, use the Google site kit to insert auto ads. You may also choose to add inserter plugins for better control.

Monitor your Adsense performance regularly. Google will suggest you many optimization tips to maximize your income

What are the simplest ways to monetize your blog for easy results and earnings?

There are three major ways to monetize your blog. Advertisements, affiliates, and sponsorships. Among these three types of monetization, affiliates are the simplest way to monetize a blog for easy results and earnings.

I will suggest you look at the 16 ways to monetize your blog. Research your competitor and choose among these sixteen relevant ways.

Affiliating is the simplest way for low-traffic and low competitive niche. Advertisement and sponsorships. Are best for a high-traffic and highly competitive niche.

What’s the best way to monetize a ‘blog’ without using ads?

You have many options to monetize a blog without ads. Affiliates, guest posts, reviews, and sponsored articles are those ways that you can use to monetize.

I will advise you to research your top 20 to 100 competitors and look at what they are doing to monetize their blogs. Reach all these affiliate and advertisement programs and get approval. Use multiple options to diversify your income. 

Some of them will perform high and some of them will be very low performance. It will generate a good income when you have multiple options for income. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have discussed these 16 ways to monetize your blog. Still, I know that you have any questions. I can’t answer all these questions. I have selected some frequently asked questions.

Q: How much traffic should you have before monetizing a blog?

There are 16 ways to monetize a blog. Some of them require minimum traffic and some don’t. Some affiliates and advertisers need at least 5000 monthly traffic to your blog. On the other hand, some affiliates and advertisers need no such requirement. 

Q: Is it still elementary to earn money by blogging within 5-10 days?

There is no legitimate business to earn money within 5 to 10 days. It required time to establish and build trust in your readers. If you are thinking to earn money for blogging within 5 to 10 days, then this is not for you. To be an established Blogger, consistency and hard work are required.

Q: How much will it cost me to own a monetized blog?

To own a monetized blog you need to invest at least $25 to $30 a month. And the investment is for a domain and renting hosting space. I will suggest you write your content on your own initially. Once you start generating money from your blog, then hire content writers.
The time that you are investing in writing content is your learning phase. Later this experience will help you to evaluate the content written by others.


Monetizing your blog does not require much time. In my article, I have discussed how you can monetize your blog from day one. Monetizing is the first step to start earning money. To maximize your earnings right quality content for your readers. What monetizing techniques give you higher income? Comment below.

If you like my article, appreciate me by sharing it with your friends and on social media. If you need any help. To start a blog, just drop me an e-mail I will help you.

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